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Genuine Craftsmanship

Our founder, the late John M. Oakley ("Johnny" to those who knew him best), for more than 40 years built an unmatched reputation for high standards of workmanship and attention to detail. With grateful hearts, standing on his shoulders, we still maintain a reputation for quality which speaks for itself in the community.

Today, the second generation owner, J.B. Oakley, remains just as committed to providing only the highest level of collision repair craftsmanship. As J.B. strives to honor his father's legacy at Oakley Auto Body, you may not find him in the office when you visit, but don't think he's absent. He's very likely in the shop working alongside the other craftsmen, sanding, wrenching, cutting, welding or spraying, still striving to ensure that our customer's vehicles are treated just as he would his own family's.

Customers unsolicited reviews:

"I highly recommend Oakley Auto Body in Ayden, NC. I just picked my car up today (they were super quick I might add) and I’m highly impressed with the work they did as well as how kind everyone was. I have had not so great experiences with three body shops in Greenville, NC and decided to change the script and I’m happy with the outcome."


"I'm glad this location was recommended to me. I'll use my son's review: "flawless". You cannot tell which side of the car was hit. They communicated well, were flexible, and beat their quoted time. I will definitely recommend their services, and already have."

"Absolutely great customer service. Very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Oakley Auto Body."

Accudraft Downdraft Paint Booth

Pro Spot i4 Three Phase Inverter Resistance Spot Welder


CAR-O-LINER Car-O-Tronic Vision 2 X3 Electronic Measuring System


AkzoNobel Automatchic Vision Spectrometer for Factory Color Match

Tools and Equipment are indispensable to getting the job done right, but no more so than the real craftsmen who know how to use them, we have both at Oakley Auto Body. 


For achieving excellence in any craft, the tools of the trade are crucial. We've invested, and continue to invest, in state of the art collision repair tools and equipment to ensure that our customer's vehicles are repaired to the highest standards. 

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